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Call Strive Dreams Body art for beautiful quality henna artwork in Arizona. 602-432-3935

Some background about the artist Joanna... I have been drawing as long as I can remember. When I discovered henna body art, I became enchanted by the ancient art form, mystified by the ornate patterns, history, beautiful smell, cooling sensation, healing powers and the many different traditions and meanings it holds. I have been honing my skills since 2000. I continually pursue deeper understanding and skills in henna.

The henna paste I use is all natural, I mix it myself using fresh pure henna powder and the finest all natural ingredients. For pregnant bellies I simplify my recipe to include only the mildest ingredients. It always stains a dark reddish brown color, never black. I don't use black henna as it can be dangerous for sensitive skin. The pictures that look black simply have not had the paste removed yet.

I have done henna for bridal showers, baby showers, belly dance events, universities, various festivals, bachelorette parties, bar mitzvahs, Eid, Purim, Diwali, holiday parties, birthday parties, proms and grad nights, corporate events, Library programs, back to school festivals, sweet 16 parties, pregnant women, and one-on-one appointments. I am also open to traveling to California for events.

For individual appointments in Phoenix, I have a studio in "The Firehouse", a funky art gallery in downtown Phoenix at 1015 N 1st street (just N of Roosevelt) 85004. Or in Miami AZ at Miami Art Works, 509 Sullivan st, Miami AZ 85539. I can also come to you for your convenience. I am very flexible and want whatever is best for you to have a comfortable and enjoyable henna experience. For larger events I work quickly and can do up to 15 designs per hour and can bring multiple artists along to make sure all your guests needs are met.

My rates for individual appointments in my studio start at $20 minimum and go up from there depending on the size and complexity of the design. Multiple people may allow for lower rates, just ask. For me to come to you, there is a $30 minimum and a travel fee may apply. If you can not make it to your appointment, please do call me and let me know, as I often am going out of my way to be there for you. I will give you the same courtesy. Contact me for event rates...

Also available to give presentations and hands-on demos for school and library programs. Programs include a brief talk with a booklet to read along and keep, and can include a tiny cone of henna for students to try it out themselves. I also will demonstrate small designs on participants.

Call 602-432-3935 for more info and to book an appointment

I look forward to sharing the beauty of henna with you!

See the most recent pics of my work on Instagram and Facebook:

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Many of the designs below are inspired by artists such as Catherine Cartwright Jones, Neeta Sharma, and Dorine van den Beukel among others...


henna sleeve       ;hamsa

fertility goddess        henna wings

   lotus henna         

belly henna with glitter


try it out tiger tattoo  pregnant belly henna    

these 3 henna pics were done on tiles and then coated with varnish:

lower back henna         mehendi   


        bridal feet mehendi    

chest henna   henna party!       hennaed feet  

  morroccan hands   

Moms to be deserve some mehndi! Celebrate the changes and bless the belly...

pregnant belly henna tattoo   
   prenatal tattoo   belly henna      pregnant belly

         pregnant tattoo  tree of life prenatal henna tattoo

This diagram illustrates roughly what a henna looks like as it is born with the paste still on, turns orange then darkens to brown, ages and fades away to nothing. The longetivity and darkness of each tattoo varies greatly and depends many things including aftercare, skin type, seasons, chemistry, and the particular harvest of the henna plant. The time period of the henna below was 2 weeks and 2 days, only for reference and not a guarantee. Some last a week, some up to a month.

I work by appointment and I am often available on short notice... Try planning to receive your tattoo 24-48 hours before the time that you want to show it off most, as it takes that long to reach its full glory. The day before your appointment, moisturize your skin as usual, but on the day of your appointment have your skin be clean with no lotions or moisturizers at all, and be prepared to keep your skin away from water for 12-24 hours afterwards as the stain sets.

I also offer freehanded temporary tattoos that last 3-7 days, jagua, face painting and glitter tattoos. Glitter tattoos will last for 5 days!

Yes, we have Jagua in stock! Jagua is an amazing natural and safe Peruvian fruit dye that works much the same way that henna does and lasts as long, but it is a blue/black color. It is the closest thing to that permanent black tattoo look that you can get will last more than a week. The chest piece shows the color of the stain, the scorpion has the gel still on. Jagua is a gel that is applied and allowed to dry then left on the skin for 3 hours, then washed off. When it is first removed the stain barely appears at all, then it darkens over the first day or two. Hands and feet will get darker than torso skin.

jagua   jagua


" Thank you!  You all did a fantastic job!  I know the kids loved their tattoos.  Thank you so much for helping to make their night a memorable one.  I'm sure we will be calling on you next year to do it all over again...." ~Phyllis

“I love the henna art work Joanna did for my best friend and I recently - she is an amazing artist, and I would highly recommend her!” ~Karla

"Thank you so much for doing my henna belly tattoo last week! I love it! It was so much fun to have it done! I keep showing it off to people and I get the best compliments! You are truly talented! And really did a wonderful job capturing...me!" ~ Emy

" Everyone says you did a GREAT job... congrats!" ~Chris

" Love our tattoos!  You were a hit! :) ...The henna tattoos are pretty and we are loving showing them off! " ~ Alyssa

"Thanks again for such a great job!" ~Missy

" Thanks soooooo much the party was awesome and everyone loved having you there, it was a sweet treat, the shower of my dreams." ~Dawn

I just wanted to thank you for fabulous job you did at our party on Saturday.  I think we probably could have had you stay another 2 hours. It definitely turned out even better than I anticipated.  Several of the people I work with were showing off their tattoos on Monday at work!!!  My Tigger still looks brand new. So thank you again for the wonderful job that you did. I will definitely refer you to others." ~Bonnie

" Wonderful! It was great working with you at Arrowhead last time! This time I would like to actually be able to say hello! You were such a hit, that I felt like I had to wait in line to get a few minutes with you! :) Thanks so much! I look forward to working with you again!" Tiffany at Macy's

"Thanks so much!!  My midwife came today and she was blown away she wants your contact info she will refer all her clients to you!! " ~Dawn

" ... your work is phenomenal!  Everyone loved their body art. I will keep your number for any additional events I have planned, we had so much fun!" ~Chelei

" Thank you very much for the beautiful artwork on my belly.  I love every bit of it and
can't help showing it off to anyone who will look. " ~Laura

" I love my tattoo. It has stained really nicely ; ) " ~Heather

"I have been meaning to write to you to thank you for your special henna gift!!! You made me feel very special and everyday I feel like the embodiment of Art when I see it. It is so very powerful and healing!!! " -Marianna

"Thanks so much for coming out to the ...Zoolights event again this year. You were a hit (again) and are an integral part of what makes the event so special." -Gabi


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